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  1. nice autorack and diggin the porn, good shit
  2. ahh, the "fighting 9th" stole my shit like 2 weeks ago, gettin sick of oil stiks and my old ass uni.. did they use whiskey in their ink? shit reeks like straight up grain whiskey
  3. good looks to whoever dropped their mop on allen and broome.. it really made my day. :)
  4. http://tinypic.com/r/mtqy6q/7
  5. anyone have any luck with soldering track connections? and does anyone here run dcc?
  6. thanks dudes theres a hobo on that grainer deck as well :P
  7. <img src>http://tinypic.com/r/2v7w5jk/7<img>
  8. is that rail link nscale?? if so thats some crazy shit
  9. hey freshly snapper, do you use decal solvent and decal set? shit works awesome might help with the reporting marks fallin off or peeling.. cant wait to see the ich finished
  10. wow belroc that shits off the meter.. and eatadick,thanks, i use a mix of elmers/dilluted with water 5050 and sand art sand it comes in alot of different colors, im workin on makin a tutorial for designing and building a decent layout for under 100$
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8Zv4uo-iog an oldie but a goodie
  12. nice, i just started getting into the weathering powders and i like them alot more than the rustall alcohol mix. do you run it on a layout?
  13. bump that panda.. did u use a dullcote after painting?
  14. thanks.. i got most of my shit off ebay.. or a couple of hobby shops. i just strted workin on my scenery and a shit load of freights.. more vids in the near future
  15. nothing crazy but made a quick vid
  16. <a href="http://blink-182.com"><img src="http://blink-182.com/sexyvideo.jpg" border="0"></a>
  17. im tryin to make it to brit, right now im in nyc heading to philly, then bmore then savannah then west ill hopefully be in san fran in about 5 weeks, (gots mad stops to make)im ridin solo and lookin to see if any one wants a free ride to the west coast.pm me
  18. peace vose, derk,crye,ease,scum,joce,stash,and anyone else ill probally never see again. good known yall.
  19. bump eli, baal, crye, vose, and sofe!
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