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  1. Newkon dont worry about this stupid 12oz bullshit! these guys need to grow up.
  2. DEALS.MELK. shitty photoshop job. enjoy
  3. oh yeah, btw your myspace flicks are fraudulent!! you didnt do any of those!
  4. i belive it says MAJAI... enve or whatever it is, your the dumb one, never talk shit about your betters and elders, especially rewt.
  5. "look my slippers son, get all kine drip li'dat! sheeeeeeet"
  6. I dont think he did can(S) i think those are diff camerea angles
  7. Oh me too! pretty please newkon! im 3 months old and weigh 10 pounds! c'mon
  8. I gotta give expel my book and his book next time haha
  9. Thats pretty much played out now. After like how many guys did it. That 2 character looking shit wearing a costume. Just my opinion
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