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  1. It concerns me that you know so much about music AND monkey ball sucking... Quoted post [/b] Me too. But it's true.
  2. There are actually entire genres of music that suck monkeyballs.
  3. It's called gentrification. The yuppies (mostly white) buy up the hood and jack the rent to where only other yuppies can afford to move in. The exsisting landlords in the neighborhood find out how much the yuppies are making and cream their pants and jack up their rents to where the people that live/grew up there (mostly black or latino) can't afford to live there anymore and are forced out. Not to mention that a police state style crackdown on everything usually follows the yuppie invasion so the niggas that somehow avoided getting locked up in the sweep might want to get the fuck out before they do.
  4. Actually they never were. In the past they used to get maried and have kids by the time they were 15. That whole thing about girls growing up faster and fucking earlier these days is a myth.
  5. I just did. It's ok to admit when your wrong. Don't be skeeerrrrd. :biglaugh:
  6. Did they realy threaten a pre-emptive strike on us? I don't remember hearing about that. Not argueing, I'm seriously asking. Cause from what I remember it was something along the lines of if we fuck with them they'll fight back with nukes.
  7. There you go playing dumb again. You know damn well that the land the Jews settled on in the late 1940's already belonged to the Palestinians. It's common knowledge to the rest of the world. You can hide behind your (Hebrew) lies all you want but the only people that realy buy it are other Jews. Yall doing the same thing America did to the native Americans only you're trying to claim that there never were real natives to begin with and trying to play the victim role everytime they fight back. Here's a thought, if you don't want your familly members and other civilians getting killed then don't move them to a country that you've invaded while the natives are pist and aint trying to have it. If you feel so strongly about moving your family to some sacred holly "promised land" that your ancestors abandoned eons ago and has since been populated and deeply rooted by Muslim Arabs that also consider it to be THEIR sacred "holly grounds"... then don't act all shocked and victimized when they retaliate. Especially when Jews and Arabs have always been at eachothers throats and hated eachother for centuries.
  8. <!--QuoteBegin-yum@Mar 30 2006, 10:24 PM i can sympathise with the dead guys in soem trench in their town a lot more than i can with the guys from the other side of the world hicking around in their humvee Quoted post
  9. Sorry... I respect you, and normally I think you know what you're talking about, but this is just bullshit on so many levels it's downright absurd. I think everyone knows I'm not one of those 'you've just been conditioned to think that way'-conspiracy cats, so try to take this with a grain of anthrax... Whether we like to admit it or not our society is built on natural order. If mother nature (ala monkeys) deems it apporpriate, more often than not, scientists and psychologists will cite that as the 'right' way. An example can be found in the way we judge individuals participation in a society as 'funtional' or 'disfuntional' based on how effectively they deal with their environment (the root definition of intelligence): The monkey that stays away from the pack is often ostrasized, has a harder time finding a mate (reproducing), finding adequate food (or at least stock-piling) and ultimately preserving itself. It can't interact with other monkies effectively enough to learn how to hunt better, or make the hunt easier on itself, so it slowly, but surely, dies off. If 'functioning' means being able to sustain, then this monkey is disfunctional. Sound familiar? Just because we've had our heads pumped so full of 'diviinity' that we now reject what's come natural as 'deviant', or 'impure', doesn't mean we actually operate outside the guidelines of mother nature. That being said, how is it at all unnatural for someone in their early teens to begin to experiment with parts of their bodies that feel sorta 'tingly' when they touch them? How is that fucked up in any way, shape or form? If it's not... how is it deviant to engage in this sensation with another individual of nearly the same mental age (meaning being psychologically capable of dealing with sex reponsibly)? The simple fact is that it's not. A functional 13 year old can learn to hunt and fashion shelted for itself well enough to sustain if neccessary (and there's plenty of documented proof of this)... so how can it be said that they lack the capacity to engage in something so basic as sex? They don't. I don't think anything ever died off or was led off the path to preservation by voyeurism, so why should a being capable of dealing effectively with it's environment be committed to an institution for wanting to watch others engage in what comes natural? They shouldn't. Isn't acting out of fear from the looming threat of a 'god' the same type of ignorant insanity that allows people to operate on the (literal) word of a 'supreme being' and choose blind faith (delusions) over systematic observation? Isn that not, in essence, dealing ineffectively with your environment? If ANYONE belongs in a 'mental institution' it's the people that've attatched the stigma of 'shame' and 'impurity' to sex out of 'fear of an angry god' (which, mind you, IS the root of female genital mutilation, castration, and various other anti-mastubitory practices), if not a prison for deviant criminal behavior. At the core, these people (the 'shame projectors') know, or should know, that sexuality is entirely natural and that there should be no 'nastiness' attatched.... but they still make people feel like shit for behaving naturally knowing damn-well they're doing people more harm than good. So let's forget the animal kingdom, don't we as humans define 'right' and 'wrong' by the ability to know how our actions effect others? If that's the case.. isn't adding the stigma of 'nasty' to sexual endeavors, well, wrong and ruining a lot of people's lives by making them think they're something wrong with them when, really, there's not? ...and sexual impurity? Isn't that an oxymoron? -26SidedSteamShovel Quoted post [/b]
  10. National Lampoons graffiti vacation!!!
  11. Or... "How come when I'm ramming the shit out of my cousin her pussy makes fart noises?"
  12. Home Depot. Walmart. Kmart. Lowes. Wallyworld.
  13. They didn't invade "Isreal", they invaded Palestinian land and named it Isreal. I don't need to dig up a history text book and scan it for you cause you already know what I'm talking about you're just playing dumb.
  14. its pretty easy for you to attack an argument i didnt even make buddy boy Quoted post [/b] <!--QuoteBegin-yum@Mar 30 2006, 10:24 PM yeha im sure i would be, however im not so i can sympathise with the dead guys in soem trench in their town a lot more than i can with the guys from the other side of the world hicking around in their humvee Quoted post
  15. i was in diapers in the 70's. here's 9 awesome things about the 80's off the top of my head, you even try and tell me they sucked and you're ip address is getting condemned: 1. the goonies 2. public enemy 3. graffiti on trains 4. it was still ok to eat mcdonalds 5. michael jordan 6. transformers 7. warheads 8. airwolf 9. skateboards Quoted post im with you on all counts there... but thats not the shit people are obsessing over... Quoted post but i'm saying, he was trying to say the whole decade sucked, which it definately did not. Quoted post [/b] Actually this was my first post in here. <!--QuoteBegin-BAN-THIS!!!@Mar 31 2006, 08:55 PM I'm with this guy. Everything about the 80's sucked ass except for the graff, Punk-rock, Some of the Hip-hop, and metal (not the GLAM-ROCK hipsters are hyped on). But that aint the shit these idiots are hyped on. They're all hyped on the flat out awfull shit from the 80's. 20 years from now all the kids are gonna be jocking Nickleback and Stained like it's some classic throwback shit. :yuck: Quoted post My bad for leaving out skateboarding, the Goonies and Airwolf. You'll get no arguement on that.
  16. BAN-THIS!!!

    Anti-abortion law

    But you have to take into concideration that people are blamed and convicted for shit that they didn't do every day because of the fact that the cops and DA's office are flat out bloodthirsty for a win. Alot of the time they lie to get that win and alot of the time they do this knowing damn well that the person they are convicting is inocent but they don't care as long as they get the win and the praise and RAI$E that comes with it. And sometimes they actually honestly beleive they have the right guy. Either way the wrong person ends up on death row alot of the time and sometimes it even gets proven that they had the wrong guy and convictions are overturned... years after dude has been already put to death. Another thing to consider is that NOBODY doing life behind bars is breathing the same air as you and your fam. That's a miserable fucking exsistance only compareable to hell.
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