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  1. the McCloud railroad and that Oregon ? Western Railroad Boxcar are amazing. I would love to catch one of those.
  2. that's how its done !!!!! good shit man. my monitor is smoking...
  3. AREK & TRE AMEN & SKOOP Both of them trains are FUKN BONKERS!!!! Good stuff.
  4. this whole thread was straight fucking heat. I had to put on my blue blockers just to make it through the whole thing.. and bump the gangster hobo
  5. voice wyse sigh eye isto sigh kuma glue
  6. old school yen and that theme is FUCKING HARD AS NAILS !!!!
  7. hand warmers 89 cents for a 2 pack at lowes. the best investment i ever made.
  8. for real that sign is classic good post, especially feeling that rezist reup banger
  9. about 70% of this shit deserves to be painted over
  10. that jor.one is fucking classic
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