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  1. Cab.co


    straight up, who these niggs think foolin' ? they tryin to pull a george W. bush!!!
  2. Cab.co


    peekin thru my pages
  3. did u understand that rite? riot 1 is ded? aint he werkin airbrushin over at the basement?
  4. I still cant believe yu gone my nigga, i meen we chilled on fri.. suppose to hook up on sat...and then yu were gone by sun. thanx for goin to my shorty's baptism, thanx for bein crew, thanx for bein yu. yur freight rolled by my crib like 3 days after yur passin, i almost reached for the phone to call yu before i rememberd no 1 would pik up. man i still get all teary eyed thinkin bout yu, i hope to see yu again some day, the crew is turnin twenty and yu aint even here to see, shit aint rite,
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