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  1. Swamp & Cut Chemist commin to Biloxi
  2. funday sundays oldies but goodies
  3. Not worth yappin about bump classic A X E .
  4. Word. I havnt found that spot yet.
  5. Man fuk dat. Impulss feat. Dj muthafukin bazooka joe 2night at tha dragons den!
  6. Cool pic. What island is that?
  7. Post some Oahu pics of the good stuff. Maybe even a sprinkle of old nk throwback steez or that one tfp guy. ;)
  8. Word. Were below hilo, not gonna drop names- But know the braduhs been killin it since early 90's ( mostly Oahu and Maui back then)
  9. That's givin em way too much credit.
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