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    bandwidth exceeded?
  2. ...come on, that is propper grammer... ...grammer with a capital GGGG lol... Quoted post [/b] isnt that grammar?
  3. i get my shit free but i dont really get my shit in the first place. just a one time thing, sorry everyone wont happen again!
  4. can you handle it? :hatred: FIRE :hatred:
  5. ugh dystr is a sketch ball doin that tight shit yo.
  6. damn man, drunk talkin on the world wide web. its funny how anyone with the power to get on the internet can talk to anybody else with that same power. its a funny thing power. it can make a man crazy. YO THAT JACKET IS TIGHT SON NAWWW MEAN!?!? nigga. shit that freight is wack, i happened to have done it on 2/10/06, I FINISHED IT AROUND 2:58 PM ON THAT DAY. I JUST PICKED A BUGER OUT OF MY NOSE THAT HAD COKE ON IT THEN I ATE IT BECAUSE I DONT HAVE ANY COCAINE LEFT AT MY DISPOSAL. and after i fucked up on that one i went to the next car and i didnt do to hot on that one either. tonight i was at this party man and i saw a keyd tag on the ceiling of this dudes basement, i cant remember his name, i think it was aaron. or erin. or however it is spelled for a man. except he wasnt really a man-ish type of person, he was kinda emo. you know that shits kinda gay, i have to admit though i do rock some emo tunes on my tight ipod shuffle sometimes. its so PHat. that shit is phat sometimes. tonight at this one place there was this girl, this asian girl right? yaddida mean so far???? alright anyways i went to cross out this faggot that writes erase and i was like 'what it do beezy whats the thizzness? can a cuddy come pay you a visit?' and then she was like 'shit bro' but this bitch was like a 7 foot 1 nigger from the womens basketball league. i think her name was sheryl. yeah, sheryl swoops is what she told me. it was tight. but anyways when i was taggin i was like yo bitch you should hit some shit. then she wrote the very 'fitting' name, 'NIGGER'. overall i think the experience was pretty dialed. but yeah i went to these places and did these things. time for some faces yo! :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: damn im a ass :clown2: :clown2: :clown2: i really liked that movie " :chicken: little". it was tight what happened to that show "dark :innocent: " with jessica alba!?!? GORRILLA HOE FO A NIGGA ONE TIME, GORRILLA HOE IS THERE ANY BITCHES THAT ARE GORRILLA HOEING!? THROWIN PUSSY BLOOD ON THE TRACK, GORRILLA HOE FO A NIGGA ONE TIME! THIS IS MY ALL TIME BEST POST ON 12OZ EVER!!!! i love portland graffiti writers. jeab is a girl, a very beautiful girl with a pussy that tastes like honey. i got a fine ass and i give head like no other. you dont know what your missing boy. hell yeah back that ass up hoe.
  8. :love2: bump for detr jets slims and senik those are tyte man
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