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  1. OK faggots, I understand you feel the need to defend yourselves and all, but the fact is your probably a toy for doing so. See, the point of having "self=promotion" frowned appon on internet forums is because graffiti is kinda of about going out there and DOING IT and the more you do it and the crazier spots you do and the more style you do it with gets you more attention.People see your shit everywhere and start posting it because they think its fresh, or its inspiring, or their just on your nuts. When you feel the need to post your little outlines and bullshit bridge spots that no one will e
  2. Here ya go.... all stolen from NC thread and flickr....
  3. Fuck a scarecrow, I'm make a scarefaggot and put it up in front of the crib to keep you away son!
  4. USERS CURRENTLY VIEWING THIS THREAD: 100 (35 members and 65 guests) ONE NEW MESSAGE , LouTool , revwrite , agnarchy , Oreshatesyou , Phosphorus , haveknots , frzones , Misspelled , stealthyxcougar , fano1 , pallmallz , duckxdown , durtygreens , I Love Resin , blackblack , bitefight , Focused On Graff , via , ItsFlossy , weirdone , TeamFuckYou , MuddyShoes , hefer , bigmack , pillowtawk , GodKillz , TalkOfTheTown , person , Speaker2 , Whatevs , burntdown , shaken20 NC thread is crackin! Its like a who's who of faggotry in this motherfucker. Also, a where's waldo game of trying to d
  5. Holyshit, fowl really outdid himself on that green and white joint. Damn. Bump LORDS in NC taking shit over. Bump toys beefing and toys jocking toys for beefin with toys who jock beef. Bump cooking. Bump Nawlins cooking. I'll put on a clown wig, a tutu, kiss make up and flip flops and still look cool while I fuck you up. Word.
  6. If it acts like a toy, posts bullshit like a toy, argues rediculous shit like a toy and hasz no fucking clue whats going on like a toy, chances are its a FAGGOT. Faggot.
  7. Dude a cop. No question. That tre fo video is the first video I've sat through the whole thing in years. Tricky tre fo tricky tricky tre fo! Wassup? Bump fowl learning color schemes from me.
  8. Yeah whatevs, Larry the cable Faggot. Cry me a river. Or draw a sketch of yourself crying me a river. You don't like coffee. Check. The rest is dead on.
  9. Waiting for snappy retort. Instead I get Playschool my first sketch battle results. Step your troll game up, toy.
  10. Wow man. Blackbook drawings. Cool. Didn't know cats still did these. The skill displayed here is staggering. We should like, totally sketch together sometime or something. Do you drink coffee? I like going to coffee shops and like, sketching and stuff. People totally look at what you do and are like, "is that graffiti?" because they think thats cool but thats not why I do it or anything, so I just shut my book all coy like and give em a little wink like, "shhhh, don't blow up the spot. This is some top secret shit right here". Then I sip my vanilla soy latte and soak in the fame, brotha. Mabey
  11. You'll give a fuck when i push your teeth down your fucking throat. Toys give up, let men handle this shit.
  12. I've said it before, and I'll say it again........................... FAGGOTS!
  13. yo Big Mack, I'm looking for an oldschool hardware store paint rack/display. Let me know if you run into something and we'll work something out.
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