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  1. Re: Maine Funk new flicks starting on the bottom of the last page
  2. Re: Maine Funk dope! the pink rooftop ish is fresh too
  3. i caught this train rolling by while i was walking on the tracks, didnt really wanna start another thread so i thought this would be alright to post in here.
  4. Re: Maine Funk damn, thats a fuckin wall.
  5. Re: Maine Funk http://www.mainehiphop.com has been down for like a month now, do you few guys who check this shit wanna start a temporary site until that shit comes back up?
  6. so dope. thread almost destroyed my computer trying to load everything though. good shit boogey, big ups to YME SFL HBTK. and yeah, i've been wondering for a while what that 8ball was and who blacks out the skulls on Ich's freights.
  7. yeah, the legal wall in portland is right on this bike path, so because of kids leaving all their empty cans all over the paths and general area plus all the disgusting tags all over signs, the overpass, and street near the wall, its inevitable that its going to be shut down. shit'd probably be for the better anyways because theres plenty of chill spots that are pretty much the equvilent of the legal wall in the respect that no one who isnt a writer with knowledge of the spot or the seldom random dog-walker would be at these spots, which would hopefully cut down on the number of toys.
  8. yeah same up here. the legal wall has all these tags from random ass kids on the signs and street surrounding it, so they think they're legitmate writers now. kids are tagging over pieces that have been around for probably over 10-15 years by respected writers who've died, and just generally disrespectful and ignorant things like starting the process of blowing up chill spots, leaving cans everywhere, etc. theres been a couple SFC tags around and shit like that where Getting Up obviously is spurring dudes into grabbing paint and scribbling ugly ass shit without a real appreciation or foundation of what they're doing in attempting to write graffiti.
  9. Re: Maine Funk couldnt get a better angle from the ground
  10. MFK goddamn at that Cycle car cemek past norms dope post
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