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  1. Gaspone, there anyway you could send me them fotos? theyre not showing up? ill send you some oldskool ones i got, LOL i know most the oldskool pretty well, lol, im sure theyd love to see em again, and tame...HAHA Lol, Tame = Dad, if its the lesta tame!
  2. sente

    uk wall flixs

    how long u bin writing drome?
  3. sente


    WoW! :o some nice flicks, the midlands is kicking! Cant wait to get over to notts, Luks alright down there!
  4. hmmm this is a graff forum? Wheres the flicks man? Y cnt u guys just settle it by a paint off (oldskool style)? or outline battle ;) Peace
  5. sente

    lesta, uk!

    HAHAHA that is class, LOL Shudda bombed his back Zorro Style! :haha:
  6. sente

    Toys post here...

    Yer 3 way? im still a toy but still... how about u do the word "KOOL" ?
  7. indeed, you get busy with ur van bombing dont ya :>! Nice anyways, wats the main writers in mansfield Anyway? Apart from dhat and flog?
  8. easy peeps, yer sum alrite pictures, lts is all i hear from this forum tho :( I reckon the older riters shud encourage the younger people, as a young riter maself, but thats just my oppinion, maybe instead of telling people there pieces are shit, just give em advice on how to make it better, otherwise they gonna stop riting and the thread really will be dead. Anyways, Peace Out Sent BSR
  9. sente

    lesta, uk!

    heres a few more old skool fotos, Cheers Sev for fotos AGEN! :haha:
  10. sente

    lesta, uk!

    hahaha yer miles away!
  11. sente

    lesta, uk!

    actually... that rushey mead primary in the background??? or am i miles away?
  12. sente

    lesta, uk!

    That last one in a legal spot??? i cant work out where it is :(
  13. sente

    lesta, uk!

    That RTR or BTR??? :huh2: if its RTR then how long has that been there hahaha!
  14. sente

    lesta, uk!

    thats a different style from kost... not seen any that style before i dont think. Both nice tho!!!
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