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  1. karma

    Coventry Uk

    OI cov pissead u cunt! take them fukin prof flicks off, shit is toy dont want anyone seein them....... internet graff is toy....if your up on the streets you dont have to be up on the interent. btw big up the lesta heads in WAT now aswell....
  2. karma

    Coventry Uk

    yes yes sfinx-the original bate one,stop askin questions son. i smell bacon, this threads bate....
  3. nah im 17 and thats the first train ive ever painted so shut the fuck up....
  4. karma

    Coventry Uk

    sorry did i post it in the oap thread my bad!
  5. i dont think ive ever seen a pehk or ponce or whatever wack name painting thats not been bit from able,but do i say shit?
  6. bigups to aeok and heik,nd members in notts/mans,NO DRAMA BABY!!!! LOL^^^^^^
  7. yes yes kept,join the club whats this club you speak of?!
  8. again,all flix taken from the leam thread
  9. oh,looks like no ones learnt from the cov or leam threads then... all new flix taken from the leam thread
  10. karma


    what pens would you use to do this?
  11. whatttttt,this shits wild!! wish i was into graff when i went to CT!
  12. SAYS IT ALL!!!! props too:GES SERCH REAK ESONE AEOK EPHUT JENS DEZ JES MYER KEPT NES ABLE DABS LEON SEP looking at the thread it looks like both citys have HUGE potentiol!! keep it up guys! :p
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