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  1. you've summed yourself up really well. getting harder and harder to pin the blame on these mysterious 'liberals' must be some kinda all-powerful shadow group to have been so influential in our country's foreign policy decisions, and all this while the 'republicans' are holding all the power positions Quoted post [/b] Symobls do you want to cut that Michael moore shit out? I used the words - conservatives and liberals... The terms are non-exclusive to any party. There are conservatives who are dems and there are conservatives that are reps... and vice versa. Back to the actual point. I couldn't have said it better than KaBar- Who's comments I always enjoy. I didn't actually mean that they are idiots as to what's going on... I meant idiots from my perspective for doing what they do...
  2. So what you're saying is that the basis of the Islamic religion is absolutley fucking retarded? Because that's what I think you're saying... And if you are saying that it is indeed retarded... is it ok for us to kill the ones who subscribe to such laws? There is no "regime" in Afghanistan... Shria is what the fuckheads wanted there so they got it. But don't worry, Islam is a religion of peace and justice so all that shit will probably workout (by that guy being killed).
  3. Let me give you a little hisotry lesson on how it's not the presidents, it's the pussy ass americans who are to blame for the lack of action. Most recent example: Somalia. The country was being torn apart... so... the U.S. sends a fuckload of troops... then people start crying about how it's not our war, how we have no right to be there, how we are there to destory the mulsims this and that shit... So then, in mogadishu, the Rangers substain some casualties.... what is the outcry of the americans? "BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW, WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE THERE"... and what did the government do? It pulled all of it's troops out. The people of this country are idiots who just wanna bitch about something. Iraq is a perfectly good example as well... after sustaining some losses people are crying at the top of their lungs about how the U.S. is doing so much wrong. If we were to go to Africa I'm sure that there would be enough dumbass muslims out there hateing America even more because we sent troops to kill their muslim friends who are doing some cleansing. And soon thereafter, dumb fuck liberal college kids would start protesting to bring the troops home, and how it's not our war and so forth. Moral of the story? Don't do anything and that will enrage liberals, do something that will enrage liberals... and at the same time the conservatives will get rich off of both. That's america for you.
  4. So what your telling me is: If you're a muslim, it's ok to kill everyone else but other muslims? (Don't wanna sound like a smart ass but this is the message I am getting, you are condeming the killings by the muslims for the reason that the people they are killing could indeed be muslim). The Janjaweed are indeed muslim. I don't think that the people being killed are... I will report to you after some research... Like I said in my other post... when shit like this happens in this world I pray that a huge nuclear war can erupt so we can just all be wiped off this fucking planet.
  5. I've had a hernia... in my nutsack... when I was about 7 or 8... Surgery was required because my ball would go in my stomach..
  6. Can a function call two other functions? Is that even possible or no? Thanks.
  7. And dawood, just for the record, guess what the religious orientation is of those people who are the pieces of shit doing this. Let's rally the muslim world against that and not a fucking cartoon.
  8. They're in Iraq defending our investment, I mean freeing people... Quoted post [/b] You're a fucking idiot. There are more countries than one in this world. NOT ONE SINGLE COUNTRY is doing anything about this shit. Fuck the U.N., we need to start having a vested interest in what the fuck is going on in Africa for humanitys sake. ANd what have you done to help the cause, did you voulenteer for the red cross or some shit? There are currently some 60 wars going on in this world... many of them inlude ethnic clensing... how many can you name? This is bullshit. This type of shit is what really makes me want to go out there and kill motherfuckers who are responsible for such bullshit.
  9. What's the point of this post? To show me that you have nothing to add to the discussion?
  10. the House of Saud = assholes = al-queda supporters = protected by GWBush = what's going on? Quoted post They are not Al-qaeda supporters. Al-qaeda fucking hates the Saudi gov... thats why the Saudi gov runs special forces death squads that have al gayda operatives shit scared. Al-qaeda gained power as a response to what Saudi arabia did in the first place... they allowed U.S. troops to occupy "the holy land"... in case Saddam would try to invade it... Osama believed that him and his fighters could protect the land but the Saudis refused. Many people in Saudi Arabia do support al-gayda and at the same time hate their government... And trust me, if it were all about doing the "right" thing... our asses would be in Africa for the past 30 years of genocide going on over there. Quoted post as much as I cringe everytime I read something you write....what you said here is the truth and I've said that here many times, even though people have accused me of just sticking up for the saudi govt. etc. etc. for mentioning the same thing you did. The Saudi govt. hate Al Qaida and vice versa , but saudi arabia is full of Jihadis who support Al qaida, so It's a thin line for them. The Saudi Govt. made a big mistake in the 70's and the 80's by letting in egyptian refugees who were seeking asylum from the Egyptian govt then. Most of them turned on the Saudi govt. and became Jihadis who eventually were part of a conspiracy to overthrow the Saudi leaders. The reason why Bush protects the saudis is because of business. It's more than you or me can get into, It's a billion dollar thing. And the saudi Govt. enjoys the economic success theyve had there and the rest of the poor muslims in the middle east hate them for it. It's just like the old sayings go....pimpin aint easy ...mo money mo problems....ain't it the truth. Quoted post [/b] Bush doesn't need to "protect" the Saudis because they are not doing anything wrong... Talking about countries making mistakes... Denmark let a lot of Muslim refugees in there too, gave them free housing, education, health care and Den's are now being targeted in Islamic countires.... go figure.
  11. So common sense is, abandon the people that are just like you that were forced into the service? Desertion should be charged as treason and dealt with accordingly.
  12. I knew an asian guy that could chug a whole bottle of Vodka or whatever and not even get drunk. His body didn't process alcohol or some shit... let's just say he won a lot of "i can drink you under the table" contests...
  13. Just in case you guys don't know, myspace is the best place to host your images.
  14. Well, since I'm drinking right now and just got to thinking.. How many drinks does it take for you to get properly drunk? I say for beer it takes about 12-14 to get me really good.... as for hard liquor a whole bottle of Bacardi or Vodka in a night will send me packin' What about you?
  15. Even going back to that time, and fighting for the germans... it is still dishonorable to leave your brothers in arms like that. It's not like every soldier supported what Hitler was preaching...
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