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  1. everyone in my civil war history class is a feeble minded god fearing flag fucker including the professor. i had to leave early before i lashed out on everyone and tell everyone how i feel about them and their views.
  2. the locust - plague soundscapes album
  3. ^^^^ ive heard it.... and anti flag was cool when i was 13... now they suck
  4. lifetime - cut the tension
  5. i find spaghetti and orange juice disgusting. my stomach cant do it.
  6. i noticed this as well. get your shit straight spelling nazi.
  7. the mcdonalds breakfast is real good after a night of drinking-- however its usually at 5am right before i turn myself in... the shit the next morning is great
  8. i use to do this to people already on a drunk dial and start talking to their friend or what not
  9. wait someone picked carson daly?
  10. ever have one of those days where your taking a shit and vomiting at the same time? well todays the second time its happened to me in a month. awesome.
  11. i was hoping this was a thread about him instead of just something stupid
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