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  1. I havent been home for awhile but here is some ALOHA from LAS VEGAS KIMOE ARS
  2. Kier ARS utah homie and i talked about both crews an where we from. HE siad it aint no big thing let just paint and link up, Damn you little chump aint got nothing better to do huh? Kier and all the UTI homies, and nuner is my brotha forsure they will back me 100% and ill do the same for them. so sorry to burst your little bubble. but im hella chill with all UTi, and AOD out of UTAH. Man chumps need to get their info stright. but oh well here is some flicks of the CREW getting down in vegas. AISE BORN (ARS CALI) KIMOE (ARS HAWAII) KIMOE, DESEP (ARS HAWAII) RAS ONE (ARS LAS VEGAS) DEVOUR (ARS HAWAII)
  3. Im sorry to inform you but me and kier is homies. we linked up he painted at my show in the begining of the month
  4. now where was that ars crew? i think utah right? well guess what we linked up so quit you bullshitin, i told you all i wasnt stopping..
  5. heres some chracters i did a month or two ago
  6. Hahaha funny.. I still rep it... an is not givin a fuck got more important stuff to do... Another Renegade Solider
  7. still not givin in haha... i love how u cats would give up something when someone says there is this crew running haha.... funny stuff.. well next week i should have my little tribute to halloween ready
  8. looks like i aint backn donw dont it...
  9. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. sick stuff im diggin it... ill post more later i got a few photoshoots in a bit..
  11. u still reppin in it alcos???
  12. snd nevermind about tellin me who that is... i know who it is...
  13. i wont fall back again i said sorry...i dont give up ya dig... on another note i dont play marc echo.. dont have enough money to get a tv let alone a dumb video game which will cost me money for paint... all i want is respect for paintin not a crew.... indivisualism comes first to me than letters next to my name... they will allways be fam.. but all i ask is respect for my painting yo.. well ime just gonna stop posting rants an raves an lets just get to the fuckin flick all can we agree on that...
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