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  1. theres a myspace for x3 last stand... i just cant find it... it has a bunch of good shit on it, and some preety intresting discutions... if anyone has a link to it please post it.
  2. put a few drops in alcohol (rubing) in your ear (with your head tilted) then turn your head so it drips out... works everytime
  3. how much were tickets? i'd love to go... gotta put my money on my homeland!! BRASIL... we're taking this shit.
  4. and to top it off... it crashes in to the AIR!!! i died like 3 times cause of nothing!!!!
  5. this fuking car is trash... wont turn for shit!!!
  6. WHIE IS A MIAMI WRITER!!! dont know who Why is...
  7. thats the funniest thing i ever read in my life!!!
  8. benching = taking pics of trains?
  9. paintball has all girl teams that play in the same league. i think they are one of the first sports to do this. they also have men/women teams that play pro as well as lower divisions.
  10. first... talk to her... second.. IRS dont like for people to fuck with their money. Do like me... i was getting fucked on hours, working 12-15 hour shifts and not getting overtime... and no taxes were taken out..... so i called the irs, ill get ya the # if you want. BTW... google oner is stumped... its gone blank??
  11. did any one happen to see it? it's on espn 2 at 10 on monday nights... it was preety intresting and looked good too.
  12. Kr430n5_666 what is all those random things he posts in preety much every thread on here?
  13. thats crazy. the closest to that that i've seen was when i was like 7 and still living in brasil... i lived on the second floor with a balcony facing the street. some guy pulls up in a new car to show his girl (a family friend) and a guy comes up, robs him at gun point... and thats that. thats the craziest i've seen.
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