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  1. hesker

    Caine One

    damn it's weird when someone you think is so invincible gets hit by a train/gets shocked.It's such a shameful way to die.
  2. hesker

    Caine One

    lol yeah. but it was just used as a example of how cops react when graff writers die.In the Smith/Sane chapter. good book tho. I cant find out how he died anywhere but i was told all the real writers hang out here so someone must know
  3. hesker

    uk wall flixs

    im from london they are cleaning alot nowadays but it's nice to see something that isnt a chrome/black white/black throw up
  4. hesker

    If you could meet one writer...

    JA ONE from NYC i would go up to him and say one thing "What the fuck is wrong with you!" crazy motherfucker. best for bombin tho
  5. hesker


    R.I.P nice flix
  6. hesker

    Caine One

    I was wondering how Caine I (NYC) died? GHOST was approached on the train by two rail cops who then said "So Caine was your hero huh?Here's what he looks like now" and forced him to look at post-mortem photos. so im guessin he got a hit by a train? thanks in advance