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  1. Breakfast is essential to me but its probably just because ive been eating it my whole life. If i dont have it i cant function and start to get headaches and stomach pains it sucks. I have to eat like several bowls of cereal some toast and some fruit. I dont know just call it habit.
  2. ya...that was fucking proper vism sigh theory remio enue germs
  3. holy shit batman ill name a few when skem met smashx2 Arek Glue Plant Trees Learn Tsa and that dude who is down forwhatever sick with it much impressed with the flavor
  4. On point benching son Glue Atak Worms Eulogy ABuse Jerms Evoke Sek car Dark son peace in the middle east
  5. arms apes ich naste coupe ternz mesko mber fucking delicous way to many too name proper benching
  6. pink floyd epitomizes the sound of psychodelia that no band before or after has broached. sights and sounds to blow the mind.
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