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Everything posted by loseryouthcrew

  1. more film. please forgive the dust specs on some of them....
  2. great stuff on this page by everyone. here's some film i got back today...
  3. that lighting shot is awesome load limit. wish we got more thunderstorms in the bay area.
  4. yep out in cali nice little chill spot that not a lot of people know is even there besides a handful of graffiti dudes and a few photographers.
  5. i like those redscale shots waffle. i'm curious now to shoot a roll using that stuff one of these days.
  6. thanks yeah i was pretty bummed it don't come out in focus, but i'm just happy i'm finally working up the balls to ask strangers to take their photos.
  7. shot a roll of black and white for the first time in a long time this weekend. pretty stoked on how they came out....
  8. great photos to waffle,daily,and ohmygosh :p i haven't posted in here in awhile as i've been really busy and haven't shot anything lately, but graffiti. anyway i got to go out yesterday with some photographer friends and we ran into these traveling dead head type kids hanging out in this abandoned building. i've always been into street photography, but i'm kinda shy and don't like asking random people if i can take their photos but these people were stoked on us being photographers, so i took this photo. i know it's a little out of focus which is a bummer, but hopefully after this i can work up the nerve in the future to ask more people to take their photos.
  9. yeah it is in focus i guess it's just kinda noisy/blurry because dudes are moving to quickly? i guess i just wish the people in the photo were a little more crisp. oh well.
  10. so I shot this photo last night and while I really like it I also feel like there's something a bit off about it. I converted to black and white because there was way too much green in the photo and it was way distracting. maybe I don't like the graininess of it? I can't quite put my finger on it, but any opinions would be great.
  11. better shot of the Pear, Stue, Bonks, and Augor...
  12. nice photos to waffle and chop suey! organizedhand do you live in oakland? i haven't had much time to shoot with working 7 days a week, but I got a roll back and scanned today. Finally getting the hang of using my Dad's old Canon FT.
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