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Everything posted by loseryouthcrew

  1. caught this the other day out in a real cutty spot.
  2. i haven't really posted anything in awhile as i've been busy moving and stuff. here's a picture of torche i took when i saw them a couple of weeks ago....
  3. took this today. first panoramic i've ever edited together. i think i did a pretty good job.
  4. anyone wanna buy some lenses? i'll let them go pretty cheap as i'm broke right now. these are for nikon digital slr's. Tamron 28-80mm 3.5-5.6-slightly used Tamron 75-300mm 4 5.6-i used this once when i first got my camera e-mail offers to walteryetman at gmaii.com thanks.
  5. digging that MSK pic mercer. i really need to get over to SF and shoot more often. taking a class at rayko at the end of the month. so stoked.
  6. yeah i realized that after i made that post. my mistake.
  7. some bay area people on some freights....
  8. caught this in the local yard today. there was also a nekst freight i was trying to get a picture of, but there were too many workers around. bummer.
  9. good day benching today..... more on my flickr... http://www.flickr.com/photos/loseryouthcrew
  10. yes it is. it's from when they played gilman a few weeks ago. not the best picture i've taken i just found it more funny that the fat guy was about to get hit with the mic.
  11. favorite i took at a show i took a few weeks ago....
  12. i used to work next to wear this was. tons of msk/awr/7th letter/cbs all over this building. i need to go back and flick it one day.
  13. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- this got dissed a day after i took this flick.
  14. these were all taken with my digital. trying to get back into photography. let me know what you think. also i just moved to LA so if there's any LA people on here that wanna go out and shoot sometime that would be awesome.
  15. hey theo huxtable-how are you linking pics from you flickr? i tried using the insert image button with the url from mine and it didn't work.
  16. then it just gives a link to the picture. it doesn't seem to want to show the actual photo. i tried using "insert image" too, but that doesn't seem to work. any help is appreciated.
  17. hey i wanna post some pictures, but i don't know how to from a flickr account. can someone help me out? thanks!
  18. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- ok how do i post pictures from my flickr account? help me out. thanks!
  19. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- i just moved to LA. i took this while i was out riding my bike the other day. saw lots of mq/colt 45 shit on the 101 yesterday-didn't bring my camera though. i'm gonna get out and take more pictures once it's not so fucking hot anymore.
  20. Re: Don't Call it Frisco is this the video? http://chucklimbert.tripod.com/
  21. . for the record this shit is ill.. Quoted post [/b] thanks dude. i appreciate everyones feedback. i'll hopefully be picking up a medium format camera this weekend and shooting some more pictures.
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