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  1. more on my flickr.... http://www.flickr.com/photos/loseryouthcrew
  2. nice stuff everyone. some new stuff from yesterday....
  3. can someone tell me who this last one is? thanks.....
  4. thanks for the advice guys. gotta start saving up for that lightsphere and the nikon 35mm lens for sure. doing manual focus in that kind of setting would be hard though since usually the bands are all over the place while they're playing. i'll have to try those photoshop tips too even though i'm not too savy with photoshop i'll have to buy a book or something.
  5. question for people that do photography of bands. i want to get better at taking live band photos. i think i'm decent, but can stand to be better. i need some advice though. so right now i have the nikon d80 with a flash and i shoot with a 10-24mm lens. right now i'm shooting at 800 ISO because usually i'm shooting with low lighting, but i don't like how long the camera can take to focus because of the low iight and i'm not a fan of all the noise. i tried noise reduction in lightroom today, but i really can't tell if that makes a huge difference. if anyone has some suggestions that will make my shots better i'd really appreciate it. here's some pics of a show i shot last night and opinions are more than welcomed. thanks.
  6. any opinions, comments, etc are welcomed.
  7. more on my flickr....http://www.flickr.com/photos/loseryouthcrew
  8. found some old stuff while out on a photo adventure with some friends yesterday. enjoy! can someone please tell me who this one is. we all looked at it for awhile trying to figure it out but couldn't..... this one is kinda hard to tell, but it's grime. crappy weather and faded paint makes for a shiity picture....
  9. saw Hour of the Wolf play on Friday. here's some pics from that...
  10. took some photos for a friends band this weekend. was messing around with some different editing styles in lightroom. not sure how i feel about them still. any opinions are welcomed. thanks.
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