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  1. London and Parisian has more of most of American styles more so than other cities.. but Germany kills it with the most attractive style (generally, to me right now).. Discuss THAT.
  2. it looks like ether (one from the states) and it looks sick, i visualize a nice long panel..
  3. i dont know i ithnk Banos is fom ethiopia and moved to Bucharest , pubes = bahamas
  4. We can make so man analogies.. thats just one
  5. What do we want in life? compare your life to an 'unruined' life.. we want to do things that make us happy, happy things contradict a ruined life, if graffiti makes you happy then you dont have a ruined life (based on that), what do we want (yes ultimatley to be happy, but how?) money fame love.. so just get a girlfreind you babies.. or be a player like me!.. get your fame from your name (and that doesn't mean it can't come from your personality why wouldn't it? why would any hobby).. and money.. hmm ok thats where graffiti might ruin your life.. but not really fame attention love happy without money.. but then again your girlfreind will leave you without money.. graffiti eats your money even if you rackl because the time (if dedicated writer) that you spend.. you need money for food and shit.. so i guess graffiti ruins your life.. hmm sorry
  6. Beutiful.. with the fog in the background might sound wierd i love it though
  7. if it wasnt for graffiti i wouldn't have any freinds.. kiddin.. but if it wasnt for graffiti i wouldnt know so much geography.. and perhaps half the people i consider freinds i met through that common interest still.. like anyone whos intersted in whatver sport cars etc.. but freindship also comes from girls common interst in being a player and some other things im into word.. whats the problem with having another identity? fuck it having 'double life' rules
  8. brokenbones i think i met you in the summer in parc at night.. i flew from overseas
  9. hmm well the only other reason i can guess that he's implicating here is that this form of 'writing' shouldnt be called graffiti becaue its more advanced and in different forms than previous historical markings on surfaces..
  10. how did he explain that this movement is not graffiti?? he said its technicly not politicly correct, why??, other than the reason that they called themselves writers what is being done is equated with graffiti, how does it not? isn't graffiti writing or drawing on a wall or other surface.. different definitions illegal or legal or only illegal (havent seen one only legal).. if anything i would argue that the defnition of graffiti is too general and can inlcude writing on a piece of paper..
  11. excuse my ignorance.. but do those big fat blue trains go all over czech or they commuters around prgaue only?.. what do the interctiy in chezch republic luk like if ther are any?.. do every european country have their own inerctiy (not including long distnace ones from all over).. payce
  12. I know i slacked.. forget which was cheaper casue first time going wasnt used to money changing so much.. ask google, think poland wasnt bad.. and panels running in warsaw..
  13. did you spot any subways? those bananers are freeessh!.. contact me on my hotmail loco.. i gave it to you a while ago was supposed to meet up but missed out hopefully u remember and still have it.. if you want contact me and ill tell you where you can see my catches, i put a bunch on a net photo-type thing payce
  14. from me last summer London 1 day- no subways (or'tubes') just undersides.. but casught 3-4 panels n lots of tags on commuters Paris 1 day- no panels, actully yes i saw a copuple panels, not running but looking in the tunnels dowtown.. but lots of topsides aerosol tags on those big trains lots of inks on the subway (especailly this skinny lookni one might be a specail subsatance see it on all the subways) Rome few days- Thousands T2b of wholecars!! haha Prague 1 day - One T2b and maybe 4-5 panels.. (commuter or intercity im not sure where those big blue trains go, and those white trains with green on top (any body know? all around country or the just go to suburbs of prague?) Vienna 1 day - 0 panels as expected Poland.. yea.. Lodz no but Warsaw 1 day - maybe 8 panels and a fucknig wholcar i saw at bus staion but didnt catch FUCK!! Berlin- 2 datys no panels.. some insides undersides thats it Brussels- Holy shit Thanks Loco!.. i would have never had any interst in this city but i went there 1 day and caught countles panels,.. ill guess 60!! fucking crazy (by the way chek my thing again ill start posting flix soon) Amsterdam 1 day- almost 10 panels.. some outline damage.. copenhegan- 1 day 15 panels or more.. was beutiful.. perfect Fuck i wish went to Cologne.. and have to chek out slovenia.. naples etc.. next time around..
  15. any juice, curse, maze, phase (btm), psycho a f[egr
  16. old fact tag behind first cellblock..
  17. yo i remember that behind that alley off monkland... and mylk beside it word up! i got flix of that too..specter and jone had some ealry shit there.. the sake and serv by the milk carton (also 'the piriahs' there).. that vaten over sant.. that cle is over '3 TDk(old crew)'.. i hav flick of tha somewhere..was in the parc tunnels.. scanner music plus ledge.. spots around jaque catier brige that question mark was like a one time hit.. not to be confused with s!... the old stack roof on st laurent where publix is now, wow.. off the hook memory lane
  18. Why are the german panels for the most part FUCKING AMZINGLY INSANE MOTHEFUCKING QUALITY!!! relative to the majority of panels from surrounding countries??.. please dont tell me "thats just the way it is" maybe metaphysically that (although still not satisfactory) can answer if i wasnt looking for casues/factors.. but I am looking for casues factors here.. please any answer.. from german genetic trends to ..hmm well i just thought othe answers might be bait.. but naw they wont.. so please fullfill my question I am despereltly searching the ultamite truth or at least partly to end this endeavor in which i ponder so much on.. thanxx
  19. that was out of line bob.. ans i think its good to show you are a danger to them (definetly not in a punk beating or verbally abusing them way) but that you are a threat to them getting into trouble with the system/law... otherwise they may think "great hes no danger to me i can abuse him all i want"..
  20. hmmid have to disagree shadow.. if the cop sees that you know your rights and are confident and seem inteligent about it.. looking him in the face like you know whats up/the law your rights and what he/she might be violating.. hmm but not be a dickhead.. so yea maybe balancing the respect their autority part... only tur to the mode i am talking about when you hint there starting to do something illegal or untrue (if you know yuor rights and the system) ie: hint at all the trouble your going to get in.. even if you not a law expert act like you are.. they act lie play games to intiidate you its aprt of their job.. how does it work. human psychology.. yopu do that to them.. in firrt workld countries your lucky.. a cop cant beat you for looking at them very intimidatingly or acting legally intimdating in some othr way.. ( only use this when apprpriate otherwiese be nice cool with the cop act freindly waas if he your freind)
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