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  1. I flicked a lot of escro and delux in brussels.. or thats what i remember the most becasue readable tags with dope simple style flair..uhhh
  2. http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http...n-US:official_s
  3. working out gets the hot babes too.. even if you dont box.. i got the hint when i realized why the babes loved 50 cent it wasnt for his face.. also personality goes along way cant describe it it just comes.. like your crazy inside and on point confident dont let nobody mess with you you mess with them etc.. ill tell u more later
  4. http://wairarapa.co.nz/times-age/news98/im...ics/981130a.jpg New Zeland.. and some article of them getting busted.. http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http...n-US:official_s
  5. Big ups! xcaught flix of your shit in at least 3 different cities around Europe last summer.. fresh flick with the yes2 and Trane u.v tag.. king of paris and most widespread throughout europe ..
  6. wtf You didn't meet THE ONE you stupid retar, its called anyone can get attched to anyone in the right circumastances.. and you happen to get attched to him so you call him the ONE AND ONLY'.. bullshit.. i bet my giant ******'s that if you didint meet your so called 'ONE' you would of met someone else and called him or her ONE' and contradict yourswelf with this whole 'ONE' thing shut the fuck up.. sorry, its cool your nice but gotta realize..
  7. OMG! i just fell off my chair!` YEEEESSSSSSSS, but hopefully will be paris coverage like the previous two, otherwise any other graffiti video around europe will be similar.. so hopefully it will be unique on paris paris paris..
  8. wear a condem.. do you want to fuck him more or just as much as you love him?? or do you love him a lil more than that?
  9. <!--QuoteBegin-Coffie Crave@Mar 24 2006, 03:51 AM yeh the only gays that dont go to hell are the women bi's...cuzs well ya kno...something like that is a gift Quoted post Ignorance Ignorance Ignorance!!!<< Did you know youer stupid religion followed by stupid people also condems most of the world to hell? Jews, Hindus, Bhuddas, Agnostics, Athiests, other kind of secular people such as myslef, Muslims, Tradtional african + chinnese religions, the native Indians, All for what? not being able to accept a man named Jesus Christ (who is acnkowldeged as a myth by any Christian Historian, as he came from so many other previous religions) died for our sins (by either making us feel guilty or having our guilt relieved which both are extremely illogical).. oh right, also gays because they cant help being attracted to the same sex lie you cant help being attcted to the opposite sex, you nimrods think ita a straight person choosing to be gay or something.. Wake the fuck up! open up take your fucking head out of your asses.. If there was such a place like hell (the one one of the Christian bible's describe) i sincerely hope it would be narrow minded Christians like your selves that would go (here you can see the motive for peope condeming hell on other people) :hatred: anyway..
  10. wtf, i didnt put that gay face.. meant meany one
  11. forget it.. looks like very wrong forum for this..
  12. (btw is that grey or amaze josh or josh josh)
  13. What did you expect a fillin? or a piece?
  14. se_four, if you worked your ass of to be king today, then some asshole 20 years later said "who the fuck cares about that guy look at the weird clothes he is wearing" dispite the effort and risks you took, how then would you feel about that? give peace a chance (meant sincerely in a respect)
  15. just remuinded me theres was a 'tesc' tag i remember from95-96 up the hill i want to see if its till there.. found some old s!ss recently
  16. was it by some toy gang bangers, or one of those guys from State Your Name?
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