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  1. Pnut your the man!.. one from holland crazy ass clak!
  2. Morons NYC. merci mardeur est cest pas le meme clak de ici.. Je catche plus de scan becoup de tags, ma francais est mauvias Hardcore the best city in the world in so many ways..
  3. "shit".. sorry got 2 many flix.. (and that scan fillin was caught in Berlin btw) heres couiple uploaded last week tho, from Am city.. in some bar irrelevant to this thread but heres a couple for u
  4. not only the last one.. and recognize some writers from Bari i tihnk.. probably commuters in another italian city or something
  5. your way off.. its either surs or sube
  6. Lol, the question intended was how does it differ from 'Cholo', obviously it does.. i just wanted to hear a description of how, and you gave me an answer in the middle of your huge unneccesary (in terms of answering me) post.. and yes i used to take pleasure in studying the evolution of subway graffiti, not year by year or month by month but week by week.. i think i think more about it than you think i think.. if you knew of >ALL< the styles that were done in LA (incuding which werent popularized so much), before the 1970's, then i think youd realize how much more blurred the distinction relative to the new york shiggazle actually is.. once you notive styles i dont think youve seen yet
  7. The cholo style graffiti in Los angles (before the 1970's) is/was an elaboration of letters, so why not say "every style done to date derives from la".. or other ealier examples where letters were 'elaborated' on a bit...? i have 1 or 2 answers to this.. i dont know how much weight they would hold.. im just curious to see what you would say.. how did nyc significantly differ its style than ie: the cholo in L.A styles before that?
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