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  1. Hey guys, how do I log out from this account? I'm at a girls house and I didn't know I was logged in with this account, and when I click the Log Out button a white page appears saying I don't know what, and when I re-access 12oz I'm logged in... tell me please... in a reply or something, not in private cuz... well. just tell me please. Pictures today at night...
  2. Read the comments after the publishing of this picture but couldn't find what it says. What does it say?
  3. Happy birthday grandma... and happy birthday Oler.
  4. I love my name. The letters suck but it's a really great sounding name. I got it 'cause when I was a kid we were all little tagbanger gangbanger fucks and everyone was always drinking 40s. Mickeys was the best shit but I only had five dollars allowance a week and five dollars can buy two Mickeys or three Colt 45's, so I drank Colt 45. This is like in middle school, and where I grew up was like a mostly Mexican neighborhood and most of my friends were Mexicans, or were close enough. And Mexicans hate Black people, and since Colt 45 was a beer favored by Blacks all the homies would clown me for drinking it and say, "aww here comes Colt .45 with his mayate beer." So after going through about 20 different toy names I was like fuck it I'll write COLT .45. Everyone calls me that already anyways.
  5. Ha, false, I don't like those shoes. The person below me likes retro shoes.
  6. True. Saturday night. You can see it here: http://www.lbrtrmntl2040.blogspot.com Is the second post. The person below me owns a nice car and a nice bike.
  7. Ha... I wasn't waiting for an answer. Made me smile... Propped.
  8. Pero a que hora dormiste ahora?
  9. Pff... False. The person below me have punched a woman, intentionally or accidentally. A hard punch.
  10. :) True. The person below me goes to Toys R Us to buy things for his cousins or whatever.
  11. True. The person below me thinks that's disgusting.
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