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  1. Yankz

    first piece

    alright ill do a straight letter piece and post that up within the next few days. I remember there was a great thread somewhere about how to paint clean and ive searched all over but cant seem to find it. anyone know what im talking about? /\no... is that a setup for an insult of some sort?
  2. Yankz

    first piece

    otherwise you just get a tangled ball of yarn that people think says tony danza. or you can just go crazy and paint a lot of junk. Quoted post [/b] harsh..but point taken. /\ does krylon give cleaner lines?
  3. Yankz

    first piece

    it says spade..ya i kno its not clear enough. I will work on that. And i know you guys are like "straight letter straight letters!" but to be honest, i have more fun just goin crazy and twisting my letters up. So no disrespect to those trying to give me advice but Ill save straight letters for when im by the freeway trying to be up and out as quick as possible. Otherwise, why not go crazy? Btw for those who thinks this looks bad, you should have seen some of the garbage i was churning out 2 months ago when i started. Im gonna be attempting another piece soon so ill put it up here too for u guys to sink ur teeth into.
  4. Yankz

    first piece

    ya its a pool table and there was 2 stripes and 1 solid left on the table at that point. edit: but i didnt make this thread to talk about pool lol. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Yankz

    first piece

    god is it really that bad? and im not blaming the paint for my troubles man..
  6. yea, so this is my first piece. My biggest problem when doing it was getting the lines and edges to look clean. That red (rustoleum claret wine) was a bitch to work with. Water with red food colorin i tell ya. that shit ran like jessie owens. I also had trouble getting my outlines and such smooth as u can probably see, but i suppose my can control will get better with time, and im just starting. Next time itll be outside.
  7. Soulkillerr my search function isnt working for some reason. Could u link me to a thread that has some of your work? Im not bein indignant or nothin i just wanna see ur shit.
  8. krem i like ur shit with the red and white fill
  9. /\ this one i actually did on a wall (first piece ive ever painted) ill get pics up soon. I posted in this thread before once and didnt get any feedback..so get at me people. Even if its just to hate.. rather be hated than ignored, ya kno?
  10. Any feed back and tips is appreciated. Ive been writing for a little over a month now, although i do have somewat of an art backround so not everything is completely new to me.
  11. Ive only been writing for a little while, so any tips are appreciated. edit: does everyone else just see 'user posted image' or can yall actually see the pictures?
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