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  1. @el topo fuckin awesome flicks man! I really hope u bench a freight of mine sometime, I'd love to have one of ur flicks of my pieces. Keep up the amazing photos bro!
  2. That Mesko on the rusted truck is tough. Rakn and Herl are lookin good too...
  3. This belongs in the Beef thread...
  4. Auragod


    Do u have the interview? Can u post it up? I wanna read it...
  5. Haha... 'While driving'?! Wtf. Gonna hit somebody! Jeez! Haha!...
  6. i wish we still had walkways on our heavens in denver...
  7. ...im sorry i dont know this graff nerds, but what does this say?
  8. that nmph... jesus, good stuff
  9. Skrew straights are the cats pajamas ...looking forward to Rime animating a show on Nickelodeon
  10. Auragod


    bump hiena... bring back Racy, dope name
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