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  1. European king. Pushing such an original style.
  2. ITS SAD TO SEE THAT THE PHILLY THREAD HAS LOST ALL CLASS AND TURNED INTO A BONER( I FLICK MYSELF AND POST MYSELF ALL DAY) THREAD..... AN OUT OF TOWNER HAS KINGED HIMSELF IN PHILADELPHIA VIA THE INTERNET..... If i didnt take trips to philly on the regular, i would actually believe this E-HYPE. Seriously. Get the fuck off the internet, or just let us in on your day job because we all need to get paid for jocking ourselves.
  4. Taken at the Rome Train station!
  5. nekst erupto rams hour coupe solid post
  6. 27's a fruit. that dudes shut out of new york city, im sure hes shut out of others too. FARRR OUUUUTTT!!!!!!
  8. yo its dope to live freely, hop trains, travel the country, world or whatever.... but freeloading at every city you go to, and being disgustingly dirty with a cookie cutter crust sense of style( which being a freight crustlord.... yes theres a style, and its all the same..... ) is not cool or honorable..... Great you have a photo of someone with their hair blowing in the breeze, anyone of us could run down to the local stopline spot and jump on a grain car with a camera and act like a badass. i seen these kids come into my cities and just want a floor to sleep on, stink up an apartment, steal food from your fridge and then still uphold a myspace account. They arent changing the world. You arent benefiting society, you're a fucking burden. I know plenty of freight hoppers that are good people, clean , nice and have their lives together, so this isnt relate to all " rail hoppers" just the complete worthless freeloader type, which i see too often. Get a job, Steal a car, Earn something for once in your life.
  9. RIO GOOSE GUTSO tight flicks, but take a few steps forwards, you can't see half the shit you took photos of.
  10. rime setup chip navy eye pepe erupto
  11. 2th Eagle Rio SFR TAKES THIS THREAD!
  12. yo boner, we know you paint.... but dude.... chill with posting the same shit everyday. i know you moved to philly to work but fuck, what is your job cause it seems ever since you moved to philly all you do is sit on the internet reposting your shit, making sure new york and philly know you're still writing. posting your own shit under 3 different usernames aint cool.
  13. Re: .................................................. .............................. RIO Wyse Tre Ridle
  14. yo 1997 called, and it wants his body modification back. fucking eyebrow rings!!! gotta be kidding me!
  15. OAKIE SFR! KEN82 SFR! Rime Classic. Lions!
  16. Shut up you ignorant fruit. smells hit more than williamsburg, and has original style.
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