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  1. don't ruin one of the best threads on 12oz with that advertising shit
  2. no, i don't think there is anything positive to be gained from sharing a private conversation with the internet and wider world. you could tell his friends and family but there's no need to share it with people that didn't know him, and some that have posted earlier admitting that they didn't like him. more over i would question your motives for doing so and would be apprehensive that you would mis-represent him. write it in a diary and remember him your own way. please keep it to yourself as this is not the place.
  3. ^^^^ besides the fact it's hard to tell what you're meant to be looking at. it's not worthy
  4. pitch-black darkness in a tunnel. buff paint fill! and darting in to make some final additions
  5. haha he said this one was really difficult to install because hammering it into the tree made so much noise! he thought someone was bound to hear and couldn't tell if there was anyone in the office of claremont station when he began...
  6. one of CRONG's last productions. says CRONG AUTO. him and friends had been painting lanes in melbourne for cafes and other people had seen these guys working. passersby kept saying "come do my place," they were collecting business cards and lining up more work. The pics below are for a hotel in Prahran and in his usual fashion, CRONG did the outlines for the whole wall with no sketch. 9.5m x 3m. The owner's asked to see his concepts and he convinced them it'd be all good. 'a stained glass effect' he told them. He got paid and bulk free paint and the owners were stoked and even wanted the
  7. R.I.P CRONG !!! He was so committed, painting was a big part of his life. i was lucky to spend his final weeks with him, laughing, drinking, partying and raising hell. if anyone has any photos of him, please send to haelsk(at)gmail.com His family doesn't have many photos of him, I will add them to what I have and pass them on.
  8. some phone pics. pm if you want them down
  9. some pics i took at roskilde and in christiania. i don't know who are locals or whatever. pm me and i'll take em down christiania roskilde skyline bar cause I dig it
  10. saw a nice tape truck the other day
  11. haeler

    Character Post

    Mouth For War. -you characters are pretty weak. spend some more time on them.
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