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  1. or simply, why you asking so many questions?
  2. for the record, candle twice as bright referring to the party life style....not the amount of graff painted. not frontin...
  3. vomEt PS crushes atlanta, and has for a minute. also that diss went over his oh no shout out. oh no died last year. thats like going over a kids shout out essentially. no better. learn the facts and have respect. all you internet jockers change your hobbie... RIP kids dac RIP ohno ps -unbiased third person spectator
  4. sher's dope but should have made them edit that article a bit...not some of the smartest stufff
  5. haha yeah man why arent people bombin the highways in bloomington? or eden prairie and shit? hahah
  6. its true...mad tags. the cities lookin good right now...
  7. the man helped define what we know as stylized text. RIP
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