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  1. Good ONOROK catch, the dude was my first inspiration....almost 8 years ago now. haha, you can check my join date and post count to see me creepin out of the woodwork. Only come out for quality flicks - good catch.
  2. what a fucking tool. homie needs to get checked proper, "ya'll nothin but memories" fuckin direspectful little shit. I got nothing but love for the Pitts, but you know you need to close the thread. You know its the responsible thing to do in this situation.
  3. Escabar


    ways and skum have wings, true story.
  4. Re: The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread fh de - Fast Hands fh nj - Freight Heads perv burnt on that one. fuck. caster putting together some nice productions, keep em coming, shits on point. Loving the tri-state wall bangers.
  5. was my fav. thread too :( stay safe NSFs
  6. best thread of the year so far. GOOD WORK. that RIDL was creative.
  7. Escabar


    i had a hooker give me a lecture on how she was going to call the cops than asked me what i was going to do when they got here, i told her i was going to tell them she was the one tagging and than run when they were going to question her. She freaked out and started yelling and shit, so i just left.
  8. may i direct you to this site, its really what you need and has some good tips about west coast graff, especially LA. http://www.WCgraffCulture.com
  9. nice to see storI gettin it in across the map
  10. too much on it IMO, just to overdone, would look better if it was plainer//cleaner.
  11. taken from vegan on from the rail thread, i dont see much prozak pieces, but i sure see an assload of hands from him. PROZAK SIK SKYL SIRE
  12. i always thought dondi got his name from his Given first name, donald
  13. i am just AMAZED at how far he goes, he took it everywhere, the continental US was his playground.
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