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  1. a tornado stole this on friday
  2. bump that gasm billboard. goddamn!
  3. isnt there a detr next to this?
  4. Re: NASHVILLE!!! link, i'd post where i got the facts about you being a snitch, but your real name would be visible. and i'm no snitch!
  5. Re: NASHVILLE!!! notice link only replied to the more shit-talky of the accusations made against him. he says get your facts straight, if you want to do that, read my last post. Link, you are a snitch. You are a frequent violator of the code of the streets. You break the law and you break the code of the streets. That is why you will never get any respect from anyone. You will never overcome the hate you have coming toward you, so you might as well quit painting, change your name and style, or commit vandal suicide.
  6. Re: NASHVILLE!!! It's true, I remember seeing flicks where link had tagged a writer's first and last name over their piece. That writer was arrested shortly after the flick was posted on 12oz. See, he's already looking for his next person to snitch on. I bet plenty of people had tons of shit to talk to your face, link. But for some reason, right after everyone found out you're a snitch, you moved to another state!
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