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  1. Re: American WholeCar thread... shut up, extension and ladder. Its not that hard to clean up lines.
  2. MIR AND TAM getting alot better quick. keep it up yall
  3. bump bonus... for keepin it real
  4. werd bump that huge gime throw hollow on da street.
  5. http://paintshop.railfan.net
  6. TRUP


    AEST killin freights
  7. thanks for the catch! just wondering if you have a flick of the pannel next to me (Nope)
  8. Gasp shaky hand steezzzzz and of course, big Kerse
  9. Re: American WholeCar thread... OoOOOOOoooo virus hopper. Too Fresh
  10. TRUP

    SHIT MOP!!

    BUMP that BECK!!!!!!!!!!! also thanks for the catch
  11. TRUP


    Bump: WHEN! and that dude from atlanta REAM
  12. TRUP


    who cares, that crap will get "washed" and it will come off, or someone down the line will go over it when they see how crappy it is.
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