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  1. 2/3 flat white rusto bucket paint 1/3 thinner a bit of brake fluid dump in some garvey or any other rally strong ink basically the same thing as ghetto krink but without the mettalic aspect it's got a nice smooth color Remik made a reallllly sick blue color and mines purple green would be cool...
  2. effigy

    Spray Paint

    ^^msfyt from BS? anyways I really like Belton Covers well, i'ts not very loud when you have to shake it, and has great colors plus it smells REALLY good. Almost like candy haha I don't huff it or anything (that'd be a waste... duh) I just really like the smell
  3. effigy


    yeah I really do agree tapes are pretty overdone kind of like gasmasks but it was only like my 2nd one I ever did
  4. word thanks man i appreciate the help. Quoted post [/b] yeah no problem pm me if you want to go bombing sometime
  5. "Oh Shit", if you want caps you can check out "The PRIME" skateshop on University Way &50th also, underneath the petco in wallingford there's a art warehouse that has shelves of montana and caps and if you're really wanting to go all out the biggest graffiti distributer in North America, ART PRIMO is located in Fremont. (artprimo.com), but you have to buy shit wholesale
  6. pilot otr hardtobuff (black-never leave anywhere without it) various decos NY fats, and German Outlines/NY Thins (germans outlines are better for tags, and NY fats are the best for flares) Kiwi mop with krink UltraWide (sometimes, I don't really care for it that much. doesn't flow very well) various homemade gluepen mops OTR flowpen (blue) PAINT A few cans of Rusto-Black, White, Grey Some Belton for forcefields/outlines on throws (blue, green, Pink) if I have any Montana Gold, but I rarely do. I use it up too fast ;) And if I'm ever low on paint, Krylon works i
  7. effigy


    ignore the tag- it's a bit old cliche! I have a lot of others too. But stenciling has kinda taken a backseat to graff recently. I plan to get back up into it
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