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Everything posted by idigheavymetal

  1. I wanna see some Ask. All the IA folks + UH brothas + total destruction. Love it.
  2. ^^up above... Hack, son! haha NPC up there. I'm drinking.
  3. Paser Faek Gnars Betor dope stuff.
  4. That Lung is pretty ill. Props.
  5. I didn't actually fuck with anything. I did a throw... and it got dissed.
  6. My drunken throw on Summer got dissed by "PeeWee" from Surenos 13. haha
  7. Lines are sloppy due to stock cap madness... Just another piece from the up and coming toy..
  8. He wasn't the only one making a film debut hah... He didn't get any lines.
  9. Some cat's been doing "Juice!" throwups here recently and I figured I'd let you all know if you already don;t... On Sam Cooper, the FOE/KSRA throws that were on that trailer.. well he dissed both throws.
  10. I', sorry, but that Spook is terrible. Bump lung. And whatever happened to torne??
  11. Those Tiers and Retros are dope.
  12. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! HACK NEAK15 SOLO NEAK15 MONSTER Just posting up some new stuff from us newer dudes. If you think it's bringing down the thread and don't want me to post up anymore, just let me know. Hack props on the Kalus/Nosey billboard on Summer. I'll try to snag a flick soon. And props for the 40 that Nosy left behind for me. haha
  13. Anybody want to hit up some throw or anything tonight?? Hit me in a PM.
  14. Sorry for the self promo in this post...
  15. I'll have some flciks up soon.. a couple new things, a couple old things..
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