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  1. Re: writers in action! i do go out, alot, i dont even have a computer or internet. apoligies for any deep eotional harm caused, i just dont like fake shots that anyone can make to make themselves look badman, anyway lets not argue i love you all
  2. yeh they didnt cuff us we were chilling having smokes outside on the street. I wudnt have wanted to run i had the best time ever the cops are so lax and funny, they were takin the piss out of our names and we were rinsing them they posed for fotos holding cans and then kept only the full ones to piss us off
  3. yes they are all mine, no the new trains dont run but they are not impossible
  4. We're in bucharest right now, shits hardcore, mainly clean trains hardly any of the old ones, all the spots are roast, had to fight guards with rocks just to leave the spot we hit, been fined 200euros already, i wouldnt bother coming anymore its over
  5. Re: writers in action! again, this isnt a writer in action, its someone whos stepped from the platform onto the front of a train for a foto, which anyone can do, god.
  6. stencilness! And why would a dutch person care??
  7. Re: writers in action! that piece is so clean , i love this picture, it looks like its at the end of my nans frshly mown lawn, and hes just gonna sit back at the picnic table and have a beer when hes finished
  8. here: N=wyze (pronounced en-weezy) Ive also seen JIBLET IS LIMP, JAPATTY and UNI was like a wavey line with a dot at the end
  9. i wouldnt class places where people are getting taken into special rooms and searched top to toe and having there bags poored open on the floor without the cops even saying a word in your langage and having your passport taken off you not knowing if your gonna get it back just because you spent too long at the station without gettin a train and maybe had a camera on your neck the best place to bench in the world
  10. cos cats sit in the sun and lie on peoples floors and legs all day whereas dogs run after balls and chase there tails and are generally better than cats and people who usually get cats are old or fat and have no other friends so its not likely to go on long walks at any point
  11. Re: writers in action! daytime, oh shit i thought it was light at night too in berlin
  12. what a pile of dirty wank there usually much better
  13. most of these fotos are 05 or before
  14. didnt know miami had trains, that rime is sick
  15. passenger yards often have old shit in the specially tankers they use them to refil the oil oin the trains
  16. Re: writers in action! thats some heavycore action look at him go this cats nuts
  17. Re: writers in action! sick, 2008 isnt it timo would love to know who this is
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