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  1. i think i might have found sugar mama... i dont like feet anyways
  2. thanks for the link. i'll look into that.
  3. teach me how...i've been interested in this for a while now i just need some more info
  4. that was a damn foul...fuckin refs!
  5. ^^You just described my friends girlfriend. Yet he treats her like a fucking queen
  6. Felix_the_Cat


    that sucks you had to pay her so much.
  7. Felix_the_Cat


    I'd work it out so I'd never have to work. Wait, I don't even work now.
  8. maybe its just cuz im trippin pretty hard, but some of those look fake as hell.
  9. I found some naproxen today. I'm thinking of sellin them to kids for beer money.
  10. i refuse to ever pay for red bull or any energy drink. i get em baggy pocket style.
  11. that's what i'm sayin. i found $5 earlier, so the ciggs are basically free. holla.
  12. fuck 50 man. my cousin got shot 9 times and shes still kickin man. and she probably raps just as good for real.
  13. Re: Anna Nicole Smith inhales mountain of blow, dies. autopsy tomorrow. but it's basically a fact.
  14. Re: Silly Crack Whore Anna Nicole Smith Dead oh well. fuck that bitch.
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