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  1. Must be from bitchmond.
  2. Yo that nigga crak is a art teacher outthis bitch.
  3. The have them, but I read in the newspaper they never helped catch anybody.
  4. Who has flicks of the mako shit by the hudd building?
  5. Yeah that shit is garbo.
  6. Whats really gnarly is that bitch appears to have gone up over himself.
  7. yeah that shit is gnarly.
  8. What the fuck does tc stand for, I ride by it on the interstate and it looks like it says text circus. I mean what the fuck does text circus mean...
  9. That whole train shits sponsored by bmw.....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  10. yo I got this cd, phobophile is the shit.
  11. Yo it looks like that nigga shit on that train and then said hey mom I'm a writer!
  12. yo that nigga red1 is nice.
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