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  1. I really like seeing that CIA wall bringing the heat. Reminds me of its glory days. Nice job Jive, Ouija, and Gamma!
  2. ps. that is one insanely bad ass jive. lead should take notes
  3. OMG there lil buddy.....such a hater. Look man I posted a photo in the thread...the people I was here to communicate with didn't seem to mind. Considering one of them started this thread not to mention the entire crew I think that holds some weight. That said I admit I didn't really consider that DF is more than the cats I know. If another member wants to bitch and moan for whatever reason I suppose that's fair. Lesson learned. It's your thread not mine. I can respect that. But do you really gotta keep whining after the fact? Get over it. As long as I am at the keyboard I'll address your last post too. -Your not going easy anymore??!! What does that mean, your going to crank the cyber bulling up a notch? I could'nt care less -Suggesting I am gay for painting a portrait of Slug (Atmosphere) is pretty weak and ignorant. Your clearly reaching. What are you 12? -Suggesting I can't paint and that I am "more squirly than your left hand" is just out right stupid. -I should clarify, I have posted a couple "photos", but yes lots of comments. -I have done my share of illegal work. More than most self proclaimed "Graff Writers". It's not really my thing lately but I have absolutely put in my work and paid my dues. Maybe not as much as you, but as much or more than most. It pains me to say this but: "We are actually in complete agreement here." A real graff writer has done freights, rooftops, alleys, etc, and probably been arrested at least once if not two, three, or four times. -Lastly your right, I do more than just graffiti. In fact it weirds me out how much you know about me. I'm flattered.
  4. wow mad ruckus!!! I know I said I was out but... this thread turned into a shit talk fest anyway. Sorry for that.... truly. I really had NOOO idea one lil post would have such a controversy. Hate: I am sorry you hate me so much....just know it kept me warm last night (along with yet another hot college sophomore). Realism: Your point of view is fair. Most importantly you didnt say it like a bitch and posted a phat flick with it. Act: that was kind of the point of my post
  5. nice freight hate.......oh wait I could BURN that in my sleep. That said I am not trying to turn this thread (one of the best on the site) into a "shit talk fest" so I am out......... Say what you like
  6. dope gel...........best "Jise" piece I have ever seen ;)
  7. harsh bro.... im not trying to live off anyone. I am not in DF nore do I care to be. I have made like two posts in this entire thread. I thought this applied to the df theme (and would argue it does).....get over it. If anything I was just trying to give credit were credit was due. With out their influence I don't think I would have done as well
  8. Just won a battle with this burner. We had to include an element of hip hop, hence the can. I only post it in this thread because I feel like it is PAINFULLY obvious it was heavily influenced by East and Emit.
  9. People been using Evolve here in Albuquerque. Keep seeing it around. Seems to be ok, no real feedback on it yet. Bought a can my self, but yet to use it.
  10. i always thought jive was a damn good graff writer, but lately he has just been smashing it. new styles and ish. its dope. nice job
  11. ps that purple and yellow emit piece a couple back is off the hhoooookkkk!
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