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  1. Re: kony 2012 ey maen even the miday news had tmz do a piece on it...rhianna is getting involved now... this shit craze..... lurkin too long
  2. yooo been lurkin real hard....i missed out last year but been down the past yaers,,,whats good
  3. I stay lurkin but maen sometimes i just step back from everything and wanna say fuck it all start a new n shit but fuck it aint that easy
  4. pettis did the damm thang cruz was hungry for that win
  5. i got a palm pre any one else got one pandora weather chanel trapster
  6. ive was down last season did straight down this year too
  7. All my hoes got jordan skills they fade away FREEE THAT NIGGGG
  8. B O O S I E B A D A Z Z thats me FREE THAT FOO
  9. Damm Boozie he gonn beat that case
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