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Everything posted by volcom8811

  1. checked out a flea market spot today, dude had no paint but found the idea of old cans really cool and would keep me posted.
  2. ^i thought it was some dude on the run and line got cut..
  3. just got some dupli color daytona yellow engine cans
  4. level 50 fat caps and girls squirting krink
  5. cool city and all but i prefer upstate
  6. Re: Genital Herpes....bummer the gift that keeps on giving
  7. we should just revert back to smoke signals
  8. been really into as we draw and new lows lately
  9. i bet this got better reviews than charlie sheen
  10. good looks on the lowes sale. got night tide for a buck
  11. raket bones i spy with my benching eye a unfinished unik and sik car. nice posting.
  12. yo your pizza down there is pretty good even saw a tag on a subway.good stuff
  13. yo gen, you gonna let lil b fuck this bitch?
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