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  1. Big Up: Olde English Steel Reserve Colt 45 24 Oz Wonders!
  2. Days! Turdl!! Kose!!! Destn!!!! Keno!!!!! Stuffed Owl!!!!!!
  3. Awesome Selection Selecta! kuma... chip mojo WOrkout. P O Players!
  4. eighty 63 pop's plan trees CR Not omens villians harsh fs sour
  5. Hello, this is what rocks: Iron Roots Obces Ashes Eighty Sixty Three Chek Plan Trees Oarse Pez (fill in!!!) San Francisco!
  6. Tuph RVEE Vatoe that's the bidness! holler at yer holla.
  7. in alphabetical order... baby jesus chek dayser destn eighty 63 jenks nekst satan sibl (fire) taper tetra pop!
  8. I'm not really feeling artsy white guys hitting up Tookie (you know you)... Don't get me wrong much respect to Stanley "Tookie" Williams and his family, RIP. But the fact of the matter is, this shit is not a joke, the man was put to death by the State of California for crimes he never admitted doing. And for all intents and purposes you (them) got the right idea, but "TOOKIE" never meant anything to you (them) besides a few articles in the Chronicle, (shitty news source) heard a emotional piece on NPR, or maybe even KPOO (maybe). I just think you are not only trivializing the killi
  9. wait a second those trains aren't clean at all, (commuter trains) is more appropriate.
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