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    if his exit hole is also his entry hole its not anyone elses problem. its got nothing to do with his steeds.
  2. your a fucking nonce. this isnt the 'who is the most up graffitti writers thread'
  3. yer im up for that. we should all get a trust fund aswell. sorted
  4. nothing wrong with a good hippy now and then. nothing to eb ashamed of. accept from when they go through people bins in montpellier looking for grapes or horse shoes
  5. fucking bne through oker!! my golly goshus.
  6. i bet about 3 people on this thread actually paint tubes. and they obviously arnt stuped enought to post their own panels let alone others. this thread should be closed like a OAPs legs
  7. thats not a real afro. the kids somalian
  8. bigups. bne is well sexy. id like to touch him
  9. Re: writers in action! fucking dope mate. i would love to be cool
  10. oh i would beg to differ there are some lovely chaps.
  11. nah but true say it would be better if i was black
  12. why would you show us that shit u fucking dirty cunt. and can we stop being racist. theres nothing wrong with being a gollywog. or even owning a gollywog for that matter.
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