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  1. anyone who tries to do burners but can't even do a halfway decent tag is a toy in my book.
  2. it's really funny because it was a joke. either one of you can violence me if you like. obviously you are looking for some sort of recognition, otherwise you would post pics of other peoples stuff too. that would be sharing. and you can act like you don't care about "haters" and getting your shit ragged, but i remember when you sent me a pm telling me i was the best and asking for my help in your gay little graf war. really want to get better? start by doing a good tag, not by adding a bunch of bullshit on to ugly letters with fancy paint. ps. remember calling yourself "oldschool"? now that was really funny!
  3. please don't potentially violence me for stating the obvious.
  4. no salt. facts is facts. those letters are doo.
  5. when you can't paint letters, you cover it up with bombs with burnin fuses, blood drippin from the teeth of a moustached visually impaired K, and random explosions of purple goo betweenh K's and C's, all tounges a hangin.
  6. i wonder what SIGH would have to say about the color scheme of that SIGH piece.
  7. SPOT ON. go ahead and get violent with your keyboard.:rolleyes: right back at ya.
  8. pretty positive that's not richmond.
  9. or he's just been hanging with BZEE.:cool:
  10. yeah, it's called awful by "some really shitty band".
  11. i apologize. i can clearly see now that you am not playing.
  12. "niggas" love SSP. http://www.youtube.com/user/reddummy804#p/u/14/2wGv_a9ydH8
  13. movement? i thought we were writing our names on walls.
  14. the toys are back in town. the toys are back in tooooooooowwwnn. the toys are back, the toys are back!
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