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  1. umm did you have to bite cakes k THAT hard lil kero... teeth an all?
  2. Its not skel and its verified because the last pic had your name in it, people dont need to get it confused.
  3. SOA.BSA.GAK by miaSone, on Flickr
  4. non sufficient funds
  5. wow... how many mediocre black pieces are needed in a 20 ft legal area? at least its known who to go over on that spot.
  6. hollows... off a portland freeway... why waste taking pics of that?
  7. BBBBBBUUUUURRRRRRRRNNNNNNNEEEEEEEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!1!11!1!1!!
  8. Sooo.... some dk. Kid is writing spoil?
  9. that c on the poach is a cool e.
  10. Watch "SOAKREW Presents - SKELxSAVME" on YouTube
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