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  1. dope statement :clown2: To have an event in your area please contact contact@write4gold.info Please introduce us with your ideas, and we will check the possibilities, its not easy to find adequate venues for write4gold, we need space in walls, a local promoter and some ideas to convert the categories. And about the writers who dont wanna participate in the competition? Who cares, its up to everyone, nobody ask, somebody register.. And how comes, that really active crews like THE from Rome, AODS from copenhagen, BK from Hamburg, KGM from Moscow, PNC or GLK from Budapest, SFN or LIFO´s from Athens, MUTANTS from Bratislava, TOP from Prague, OCT or LE CREW from France, USH from Poland or XTRA LARGOS from Spain participate, all of them very skilled writers who have fun in the competition, thats all about! TWISTER
  2. I think the reason why the swedish guys has won the competition in 2004 are the scandinavian originality they show us at this day. I think the dutch OD Wall is nice but didnt stand for original dutch graffiti, they are really good but its not enough to get the title at this final day. No doubt about the french guys, theyre wall is nice too, but i cant find a nice conversation of the them masters of style. Check the con- versation of the swedish walls, with kings and toy graphics, good idea. In my opinion the mce guys has done in 2004 a good wall which is worth to get the title, but in 2005 the wall not reach the level of the 2004 final wall. Im, personally like the hungarian, german and italian wall a lot Hungarian Wall W4G 2005 Final German Wall W4G 2005 Final Italian Wall W4G 2005 Final However, next year we put some new at the final, the KO Qualifyingsfor the european crews, to qualify for the next days worldwide competition. 4th august 2006 Pre-Elimination Europe (Group A,B and C) 5th august 2006 Worldwide Final (Group D) The 2006 runners-up were drawn in group A,B,C and the final Group D.The European Groups A,B and C run as KO Groups. 2 Crews of each Group can qualify to the Final Group D. The Winner Crews of the Groups A,B and C expect special Winner Prizes and the qualification to the World Final Group D. Soon you get informations here. While the current title holder France have been placed in Group D along with the Winners of the Write4Gold South Africa, New Zealand,USA and Japan, because they are automatically qualified to the worldwide final. The Groups are divided in geographical basis. European Elimination Group A Eastern Europe/South-East Europe 4th August 2006 (splash!) Group B Middle-Europe/South Europe 4th August 2006 (splash!) Group C Northern Europe/North-West Europe 4th August 200 (splash!) Group D Worldwide Final Group 5th August 2006 (splash!) Check more about it,here Furthermore, next judges confirmed, OPAK and ZEBSTER! Opak in Action... Other Judges,here TWISTER
  3. The exact Venue will be published by AEROSOLICs in January. Check our Website... Regarding the USA Venue, sounds funny. I didnt think that american Writers from US are much more skilled like you said. It can be interesting to see how it works. Actually we work on US Venue, check Write4Gold.info for upcoming Venues in 2006
  4. T-KID BOOK More infos http://www.write4gold.info
  5. Creativity looking for innovation, whats new.. Originality is like the winner wall of 2004, the swedish wall, many points according originality, because swedish guys rockin original swedish stuff, stuff what they paint in daily writing business. Its hard to be original at Write4gold, thats my impression. The Swedish Wall Swing its hard to judge because if compete walls like this: IIG/CMR/TOP Crew Prague Write4Gold Czech 2005 Topic: Break the Rules or this wall: USH/OSC/DOA Crew Gdansk (PL) Write4Gold Poland 2005 Topic: Dream Theatre we choose two guidelines, to mess this both walls, Swing (weight 13%) and Statics (weight 17%) I dont know if you understand now, i hope its not 3am ;) TWISTER http://www.Write4Gold.info
  6. Yes. mostly its free. In some venues Write4Gold are involved as a side event, than its not free, but its not often. Write4Gold didnt stay in competition with the graffiti from the street, pure graff in such kind of writing you mean is still present at Write4Gold, in kind of the skills of the participants... Dont mess Write4Gold with Graffiti from the street, its an graffiti jam, not more not less. Have fun, visit and than decide.. TWISTER
  7. Thank you, Of course there are criterias, guidelines and a jury. But what about havin fun, chill with cool people and get the chance to join a world- wide final with about 18 crews from 4 continents? No doubts, its a kind of commercial because of sponsors, but if you know anything about organisation of events than you know what it means, to cover costs and fees of a project like Write4Gold. i think its a opportunity to show skills, meet up with national and international writers, to support the network and have fun. Not more not less. Take a look to the wall productions and you feel what it is... But no more discussions about at all, its more interesting to talk about the categories and the guidelines, what do you think about the reglements and the regulations. Do you think we should add something else? Let me know, we are interested in every kind of critical feedbacks. Thanks, TWISTER
  8. Thats not really right, not these wall has won the whole final, because the french OCT was the strongest in all 4 categories (throwup, sketching, tagging). Winner of the Concept Painting (main categorie) , the hungarian crew PNC from budapest, TWISTER
  9. Hey, i want to explain in this thread the Project Write4Gold, established as competition and graff meeting/jam since 2003 in europe, going to prepared worldwide this year for 2006. Write4Gold is a competition in categories, a jury stay beside to decide with guidelines given by the organizers whos the most creativ and skilled especially on this day (we know isnt possible to judge in general the graffiti skills of a crew). Write4Gold Venues in 2006: Capetown, South Africa AFRICAN Qualifying Tokyo, Japan ASIAN Qualifying Auckland, New Zealand OCEANIA Qualifying Surrey, UK UK Qualifying Norrkoping, Sweden SCANDINAVIAN Qualifying Moscow, Russia RUSSIAN Qualifying Bratislava, Slovakia EAST EUROPE Qualifying Budapest, Hungary SOUTH EAST EUROPE Qualifying Vienna, Austria ALPS Qualifying Rome, Italy ITALIAN Qualifying Sofia, Bulgaria BALCAN Qualifying Madrid, Spain IBERICAN Qualifying Strassebourg, France FRENCH Qualifying tbc, North America AMERICAN Qualifying Haaksbergen, Netherlands BENELUX Qualifying Stuttgart, Germany GERMAN Qualifying World Final, splash! Festival Germany FINAL To check the venues click on http://www.write4gold.info the official Website The 5 different categories are: Style 50% (priority) Conception 20% (priority) Sketching 15% (priority) Throw Ups 10 % (priority) Tagging 5 % (priority) For most of the worldwide aerosol artist community the Write4Gold is a unique and very important event. The judges have a big responsibility. Thats why were looking for equal rules of judging for every Write4Gold Battle, to make the system of judging more transparent and understandable for everyody. The following explanations will give you as an organiser,a judge or a participant a guideline how to decide or participate at Write4Gold Events. First of all a jury member has to be in a position to estimate a lot of different criteria. Of course not every jury member knows everything, but we claim to be open minded and willing to learn new things without forgetting the foundations. Open your eyes for developements and innovations in Writing. There are different criteria which will be voted from the judges For each criterio each judge has to give points from 1 to 10. As morepoints the judges are giving to a crew as better the crew will stand in the ranling list. As usual the best crew in the rankings will go for the final battle in germany. New ranking in 2006 is the place for "best conception". We will provide therefore special prize, winner certificate and the opportunity to participate in the jury of Write4Gold 2007. The evaluation will be summarized according to priorities. Every single category has a separate evaluation system and rules. CATEGORIES: Style: The complete crew is painting a style (letter combination (like hot spot or knowledge is king) and has to follow the guideline of the jury. Its most important thing to paint the letters of the guideline to be a part of the competition. Guidelines: Swing (13%),Statics (17%), Originality (20%), Composition (15%), Creativity (20%), Readability (15%) Weight for total evaluation: 50% (priority) Time frame: 8 h Board length: ca 20 m Board height: ca 2.10 m Available aerosol cans: 50 Molotow Premium for every crew Writers/Crew: min. 3 writers max. 8 writers Time: during the day event Conception: The jury rate the whole conception of the 20m wall of the style battle board. There is no guideline regarding special topic, but still the reference to the letters of the style competition. Guidelines: Technic(20%), General Picture(25%), Character(20%), Colouring(20%),Originality (15%) Weight for total evaluation: 20% (priority) Time frame: 8 h Board length: ca 20 m Board height: ca 2.10 m Available aerosol cans: 50 Molotow Premium for every crew Writers/Crew: min. 3 writers max. 8 writers Time: during the day event Sketching: The crew nominate 1 writer for a sketch action. The best sketch of a topic given by the jury wins. Its most important thing to design the letters of the guideline to be a part of the competition. Guidelines: Swing (5%),Statics (15%), Originality (10%), Composition (5%), Creativity (15%), Readability (10%), Technic(10%), General Picture(20%), Colouring(10%) Weight for total evaluation: 15% (priority) Time frame: 1 h Available: 1 sheet of paper, format A4, one set of 12 touch markers Time: during the day event Action Throwups: The crew nominates 1 Writer for a fast style performance. The most attractive style without highlights or similar fancy stuff wins. Weight for total evaluation: 10 % (priority) Time frame: 90 seconds Board length: ca 3 m Board height: ca 2.10 m Available aerosol cans: 1 Molotow Burner XXL, 1 Covers All Outline Black Time: during the evening event Tagging: The crew nominates one writer. The most swinging, most creative and stylish tag wins. Weight for total evaluation: 5 % (priority) Time Frame: (of course) none Material: PVC/wall Available: various ON THE RUN Marker or molotow spraycan 1 Try / Crew Time: during the day event THE REGULATIONS: - NEW it is recommended that the maximum number of crewmembers is 8 or even less, maximum number of crewmembers to represent at the final is 5! - NEW Each crew got 8 hours to show their skills and styles - A team has to design a wall of 20 meters in length and 2 meters in height (actual board height: 2,08m - see SPLASH 2002, or Write4Gold 2003,2004,2005). - 8-11 teams compete per battle (no single battles) - NEW Furthermore the best conception will be awarded - the individual writers are only allowed to join one national elimination - Each team gets 50 molotow spray cans, which are necessary for the adaptation of the topic. - At the finals, SPLASH festival 2005, 20 meters per crew are available. - A member of one crew cannot simultaneously take part as a member of another crew in any other battle. No mutliple participation possible. - The team which wins a qualifying has to compete in the final with the same team members. - The battles take place from 10.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. (9 hours) - The jury select the color combination (50 cans) - The participants have to accept the rules, conditions and the judgement. - The provided brand of spray cans has to be accepted (Everybody has to use the same tools)! - NEW only real crews are allowed to participate in the competition, allstar teams or joined crews are no longer tolerated. Real crews means writing, practising and performing together beside the W4G - NEW the jury should consist of 3 to 5 members, selected very carefully in close agreement with the W4G Headoffice/Germany If you want to know more about the venues, regulations and categories check http://www.write4gold.info . A Preview of the 2005 venuesclick here To check the Trailers and more: click here But now to my question, what you think about this whole project and the idea the have a official worldwide graffiti battle like the Bboys have in BOTY or DJ´s in ITF? What you think about the judgements and the pictures there? As you know each crew get a topic to convert in 8 hours with 50 cans, choosen by the jury. Tell me your opinion, Thanks, TWISTER
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