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  1. I know there was a thread with trains, and cars so we can print them and then sketch, but i junt cant find it... someone can help me? with the link? thanks
  2. ?+vulto+que Cabidela by Vulto MEYK NCB DART+MAH RUM GVS Vulto in action... MordoR1 ? Sen Sen in action... Sen GNZ ADN
  3. Sair - CRS Sair Rato Rato in Arrabida Place Blast ManiakSquad Blast
  4. work in progress some Dheo throwups dheo again Casroc(Belgium)&Mr.Dheo Dheo 2002 some nice clean dheo http://sp5.fotologs.net/photo/5/15/94/dheo/1139152532_f.jpg Dheo Dheo Dexa Throwup Dexa Throwup Dexa working All these photos are graffs in the north of Portugal, Porto, Gaia, Matosinhos..
  5. I think there is no thread about Portugal stuff so i gone post a video from a wareouse in Gaia in the north of Portugal.. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6384466951315985280&q=graffiti
  6. this is a old thread... but yeah there are lots of graffiti stores with montana germany spanish, molotow, aerosolartcolors..
  7. fuck men your stencil is just sp cool!
  8. I dont want to make another thread but i want somel inks with trains, truck, walls... and images to make sketch on the image... thanks
  9. If I go to a center of copies to print my stickers, the ink of the copier will disapear quickly? sry for my english
  10. |Fresh|*

    Spray Paint

    what you think about the montanacolors classic? i know that is low pressure, and male valve that works with female caps, but what you think about the can? is like alien? thanks
  11. I'm searching a photo, that i saw, where it was somebody to go up a building, like this way... between two pillars, to a great height... but I dont know where i saw it, and search alot, and I did not find...
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