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  1. Bump for Bzee! Check out Who Cares? Zine #6... Interveiws with Bzee, Dicko, and Lansky... Send: $1 to Who Cares? Zine 28 Bridgehampton Pl. Richmond Va 23229
  2. Have you seen those Mini-Meter tags on trash can lids...they are alien robotic...also saw a piece that shouted out "hip-hop"...sweet.
  3. MC Cement rocks one inch long ultra fine paint marker tags harder than anyone else in malboro country. It blows my mind how fresh u is.
  4. There is another sent that burns that one
  5. Little Brained Kids ... MOSH LIFESTYLE SHIT HAPPENS!!!!
  6. gasper is not down with lbk...
  7. Dewm and Phoe of the Little Boys Divison haha whatever if it sucks the happy corner is for poser hippy retards
  8. Who Cares? Zine, Contact info - LittleBrainedKid@gmail.com If you want a copy of issue 3 send 2$ to Who Cares? Zine 28 Bridgehampton Pl. Richmond Va 23229 Interviews with Cope2, Kaes, JavlaOne, Fishe, and more! Also available from http://www.bombingscience.com
  9. I didnt see a thread like this so here it goes, everyone should check out Who Cares? its black and white but they have some pretty tight interviews and flicks (http://www.bombingscience.com/catalog.htm?item=2015), whats your favorite graff magazines?
  10. ... I mean it was it the newspaper hahahaha Quoted post im sure those dudes would love for you to talk about their court cases on a messageboard the point is, its none of your business and I know i wouldnt like a 15 year old kid talking about my legal trouble online. Quoted post [/b] Im not saying anyone should be talking about it on here, but for being some random dude that is completely unrealated to the situation you are quick to jump on peoples jocks. Ps. i might be 16 but i still burn you hahahahaha
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