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  1. Such a waste of time, money, and history. I was down there about year and a half ago and was amazed by how preserved things were. All ruined by a completely unnecessary buff.
  2. Bump that Jas/Jive J-off. Awesome.
  3. Came across this while grabbing a bottle of wine on my way home from work. Homeboy is a beast. Sorry for the shitty quality.
  4. Sorry that's all that I have.
  5. Caught this while skating home from work last week. Sorry for the shitty cell phone flick. Always nice to catch other CT heads out this way.
  6. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th, but I'm a little late, and I didn't realize until I got home how shitty the pictures I took were... Owni Bravo Islam Rock ...and I used them to make an even shittier connecter. (Grime Sleeper by Rock, Ben Franklin & his groping hand by Bravo.)
  7. Bump that last Mock. Also it does my heart good to see Jarno killing it again, so dope.
  8. Bump that Sef Jas7 joint on the last page.
  9. Love the colors on the last photo.
  10. I'm really digging that last Mock.
  11. I also can't believe that I've seen you dedicate an entire post to your own hollows and handstyles. Would you rather look at the bickering and horrible grammar that makes up 98% of this thread, or actual graffiti that makes our state look like real writers paint here? Disclaimer: I did not paint all of these. Sorry.
  12. Dear Name Withheld, It is you're not your.
  13. You have the cash? Twenty thousand... dollars.
  14. Those illustrations are fantastic.
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