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  1. Damn, wish i was still out west for that show! 24"x24" Acrylics http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8478/8249558987_f788fd5823.jpg' alt='8249558987_f788fd5823.jpg'> DSCN1554 by Clemenza1, on Flickr[/img]
  2. DSCN1413 by Clemenza1, on Flickr
  3. Good advice gentlemen. They bothered me to begin with but i decided to leave them. Now that i have a few opinions I'm definitely going to get rid of those drips.
  4. 24"x24" Acrylics/Enamel on Masonite. Any feedback appreciated. DSCN1365 by Clemenza1, on Flickr
  5. Its been a while since I've been on here. Really like that Poesia wall.
  6. acrylics/spray paint on wood [/img]
  7. Poesia that exhibition is unreal. Your work is always on another level. Props feeling those colors in that last one bojangles. i know you got more, lets get this thread going.
  8. Thanks guys. I feel like its unfinished too. Its good to hear it from someone else. I sometimes have an issue with over working paintings or leaving them unfinished, still trying to find that middle ground.
  9. dope bojangles, diggin that wall too swampthing Acrylics/palette knife. This is kind of a different process for me. Criticism/Feedback appreciated.
  10. A couple of T Shirts I made while testing out some fabric markers and textile ink. Feedback appreciated.
  11. Its awesome how you brought Turner in here. He has always been one of my favorite painters. I've been working on a mastercopy of one of his joints for a while. I'll post it in here once i get a little bit more done.
  12. Those studies are dope raiden, you should post more. East, I like this last one the most, reminds me of a sumo wrestler.
  13. Getaway Car dont do this often but I thought these needed to be bumped to the next page. Bojangles and poesia killin it as usual
  14. Bojangles that joker painting is dope.I agree with fist, the depth you've got going on in penny slots and pomp and circumstance is on point.
  15. I like it schismism, what did you use? I've been trying to get out of my normal painting routine and do something different here. Im not sure if its finished, kind of feel like I should cover the wood. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  16. Thanks man, one of my favorites too. It's actually 9 x 12. I just suck at taking pictures and resizing images.Hahaa Boats! I just got "looks like hair" the other day with one of my other joints.
  17. Really like that bojangles painting. I have to take better pictures of these. The light really washed out a lot of the subtle colors.
  18. That wall is so fucking dope.
  19. guku and styleism looking good
  20. JDI that top one is DOPE! I want to see them finished
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