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  1. Be all like, K i like you but im not gonna wait forever.
  2. its not even my guitar, i ripped off a billabong sticker and some other skate brand sticker even before the picture was taken.
  3. Did the scandalous raver ho's have gonoherpascifilaids?
  4. I shur am a hardcore hipster.
  5. The homie's expression on the right is priceless. Quoted post [/b] The Adicts kick ass.
  6. Wake up. eat food see my ladie friend eat food take some shots tunes metal/emo show fatty session fatty session fatty session watch emo kids fall down and head bang laugh my ass off watch emo kids fall down and head bang laugh for about 2 hours after i leave take more shots run away from mom who came home early. EDIT: Get candy. cant forget that part.
  7. It looks pretty shitpants fantastic. WOOOOO
  8. This one time i stuck my foot completely up an obesse womens anus.
  9. Wait.......... My dad was darth vader?
  10. Every thread in channel zero is complete gibberish. Its how we do.
  11. hahahahaha that show looks like it'd be fuckin sweet.
  12. I found a quarter in a dead hookers vagina once.
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